Thank you for your Business!! 🤝 What a week it’s been! The contact information you shredded is gone, but the memories will last a lifetime in our hearts 💛

Calling all professionals! 🚨 Business Center is shredding at Unparty with chicken/soy nugget video game.
Shred cards and eat nuggets with a mystery-flavored jellybean in them!

If you’re going to Unparty tonight, catch the 🤝Business Center there! 🤝Stay tuned for garden hours! There are only so many Business Center employees, thank you for your patience 🙏

MIDI Users' Group and Air Darla's show next week features Game Genied Street Fighter II and motivational speaking!

Stories📕 from Business Center: One entrepreneuring mind asked us, “Why play this game when I could just buy a bag of these prizes with my own money 💸I made at work?” now THAT’S the kind of innovative thinking 🤯that runs business!! 👏📈:’-)

We’re out here again officially open until 5:30pm!! With a beautiful sign by 🥰✨

Thanks for your patience ! Business hours will begin shortly, updates posted here as usual!!

We also want to shoutout for helping Biz Center stay open and believing in us, and for getting the situation attention! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you!

The kids out here today have shredded countless hand-made cards. When asked why she loves rats this young CEO replied “because they’re crazy.”

Rise and grind gamers!!! 📈🍳😤😤We’re out here again in Yerba Buena open for your business. Shred business cards to win prizes! 🤯

Business hours are almost over!! and hold the daily high score!! Can you beat it? Or maybe even get the high score for the week??

Surprise 🤗 We’re here with the👩🏽‍💼Babycastles Business center👨‍💼 in Yerba Buena gardens. Same high score game, now at the biggest baddest event of the year. If you don’t know the drill, turn business cards into prizes. Pros only.

If you’re Saturday Jamming with us, come hang out in the discord in the sat-jams channel! It’s not too late to start your plingpling game!

We apologize for anyone who has tried to visit Babycastles and not found the space open. We've realized being open both Friday and Saturday for gallery hours is too taxing on our volunteers. We will keep Saturday hours and sincerely apologize to anyone inconvenienced...

Come on out Friday night at 7:30pm for a chance to play the IGF games this year made by New York City 🗽🌃 developers 😎✨ DJs, great games, friends, and you don’t even need to fly to SF!

Tonight! Snackland is back at Babycastles! This time the dish is spaghetti with meatballs (vegan) and the hosts eat super 🌶spicy 🌶sauce for your viewing pleasure! Doors at 8:30pm, show at 9!

Live now, watch from home. 'Tumblr Talk' a panel w/ Molly Soda, Pam Liou, and Charles Broskoski moderated by Caroline Sinders. We're exploring using the internet as a material aesthetic, what it means to create online, and content preservation.

Game of the Month Club reviews StarCraft tonight with Chris Chung. He will explore this influential series and how StarCraft, and its path to becoming one of the first eSports icons, can be understood through an examination of modern Korean history.

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