Powerpoint retrospective by The Real Ethan Beach!

Songs by Josh Nasser!

The world premiere comedy debut of JINGYU SUI!

A round robin musical performance by THE TEEN OCTAVIAN & Lillyan Ling!


LIVE IN MINUTES: The Great Debate, Katamari Damacy vs. We ❤️ Katamari with , , &

Sunday night we're having a kamayan and the closing party for ! Come feast with us!! There will be a surprise game at the event as well!

Tonight we’re getting existential talking about why and how food can be comforting. Bring a dish that comforts you and join the potluck & discussion

Join us for a potluck and discussion on comfort food that will make you rethink the idea of "treating yourself." Friday, Aug 31. $5-$10 or bring a dish that comforts you for FREE admission

we are open for MASARAP gallery hours today until 6, thursday 6-8 and friday 4-6, come see the show before it closes on sunday!

Tonight is Indie Game Night! 7-10:30P

you should eat breakfast by


We are hosting a pop-up exhibition of’s EYEDREAM Residency, today from 1—4PM 🌹

—a comfort food exhibition—is on view till Sunday, Sept 2!

Gallery hours, event schedule, and information listed below.


Join us for the opening of Masarap! Tonight at 6:30

‘you should eat breakfast’ by is a game where you wake up, go get breakfast, and find a place to eat breakfast. On view at opening Thursday August 23

RAD CHEF by of This Flash game is based in an interdimensional cosmic restaurant where you can throw hamburgers and travel through food portals. On view at : opening Thursday August 23

NOUR by will find you stuffing a bowl of ramen with oversized meat, launching absurd amounts of toast out of toasters, using telekinetic powers on boba tea, and questioning the ethics of putting a hoverboard in a meat grinder. On view at opening Thursday Aug 23

Masarap: A Comfort Food Exhibition
Opening Thursday Aug 23, 6:30PM
Admission: $5-$10 or FREE if you bring an ingredient
Installations by:
Video games by:
DJ Sets:

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