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And Cowboy Jobe's sermon is about the intrinsically political nature of art

"You can't take belief out of art any more than you can take sun outta a flower."

and i think this is a diatribe against Death of the Author?

or at any rate you need to care about the context of art's creation, such as the funk music Jobe plays, which is Black to the roots and so a white guy playing it is political

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then typed ideas into the site to make a cake and then frost it

for "Glubgo"

who is a claymation creature

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we got, uh

reincarnated into a space baby and then

used the mouse to move the baby to drink from bottles labeled "FUNK"

and then the server crashed

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Version 5 added metre

The notation gets kinda hard to read. Dash for weak syllable, asterisk for a strong one

It starts to specify rhyme schemes, leading to weird stuff like "you have to write a poem every line ending in the same syllable"

And they're working on constraints like rotations

They want to use wave function collapse, so you can supply a wee bit of a poem and it fills it out for you

Lesson: you can get a lot of inspiration from very little code

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For version 2, made it more configurable and less random, so you can eg. add some sine waves together to get a good stanza structure

Clarissa is reading poems they wrote in these structures. They're pretty intense

Versions 3 and 4 added some "concrete" characteristics, like indentation

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First featured presenter

Clarissa Littler "left adjoint"

About procgen poetry

But not generating poems. This is about generating *forms* of poetry

The simplest generator creates stanzas and chooses line length in syllables

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Last open projector, Dan Lichtman

Presenting a game in progress, loosely themed about childcare and zombies

It appears to be made in Doodle Studio 95 but actually a lot of the sprites are scanned in from drawings or photos. Some 360 degree photos to provide skyboxes

Similar to the flatgame aesthetic but in 3d. Kinda contradictory I guess but it works

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Next up Qinru Zhang presenting a HitchHiker tour over Google Maps

Concerns their difficulty feeding themself while hiding out from COVID-19

Defacing the page of the specific online supermarket they got ingredients from, GF Super

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@inthescales Prior art in the field involves a lot of neural networks, which are nicely general; eg Thomas Dimson's "This Word Does Not Exist"

But they get garbled a lot. Not much internal structure

Instead she took the approach of using word elements, morphemes, to build a meaning

Similar to Fantastic Vocab by Greg Borenstein, which has fewer restrictions to fit historical patterns

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Basically you just walk around a flat collage and you can talk in 3 letters at once

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