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still waiting for the take on the fact that it features a sympathetically depicted police officer

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Can anyone think of a videogame that has a proper denouement? Preferably in gameplay rather than cutscenes.

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An open letter to game journalists: #metoo, fighting with surviving abusive reporting, and the fallout of not caring...
I wrote about the consequences, and shared absolutely everything...and the stuff here places me at risk so please read it.
Please share.

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Scented candles from a neural net trained on 1000 existing candles

The neural net is based on math, so it is infallible. This is the future.

and the crawlers find it and he has a religious experience

every single bone is being indexed, optimized, and sufficiently quantized so as to put him in deep spiritual resonance

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he just launched this to the internet.

and plays it out with a song. yamaha presets and improvised lyrics. "waiting for my upload. i think i hit the motherlode. how's this affect my ranking? i'm thinking it could be anything"

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How can energy reach your spirit if you are not awake?

Six 20-minute naps a day, evenly spaced throughout the day.


Normalize walking hand in hand down the street. Hug each other every day.


Be ready to pivot on a dime, reevaluate what your spiritual value proposition is, realign your keywords

Buy as many internet connected devices as possible and if you can't put them on the internet just plug a coaxial cable in anywhere

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recommends consulting with a dietician

alternatively: what's your favorite food? pizza? Don't eat anything but pizza. You want strong consistent content with a consistent message.

we also recommend examining your urine and your feces to make sure everything is consistent. nicely structured and organized

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Semantic structure

You must keep your body well organized in shape, properly structured so that when the Great Crawler comes across you and inhabits every aspect of your being, you are easily understood, inside and out.

What is the of your body? What do you put into it?

What comes out of it?

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Selective crawling

Some pages on a website may not contain enough information, or not the right kind of information, to reflect what we want into the world.

There may be aspects of your life that you wish not to reflect out into the world and that's fine! ... but practice discretion ... make sure to put your best face forward, every day, in every way.

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we must optimize the value of our souls on the spiritual marketplace.

optimize the flow of web traffic into our souls.

pick some keywords. 7 things that express your truest self. your priorities, concerns, and what you wish to present to the world about yourself

think on it daily

these things may change over time. That's fine! As long as we keep them in our head at all times

Ruminate on them daily.

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