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byron sings the praises of manual content curation

App. Online Learning... For Zookeepers

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it was going to generate the slides too, but they weren't funny

But there's neil cicierega's @GoodSlides which gets suitably odd slides to be randomly paired with concepts

But there were some that weren't really suitable for Manhattan JS and they wanted to present it there. And anyway, it's less funny when it's obvs rude... so they made an admin interface for rating SlideShare gems

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Byron Hulcher @hypirlink

Started going to Manhattan JS and they do Battle Decks aka Powerpoint Karaoke. You get a random assortment of slides and random people from the audience give presentations on it. They never picked Byron.

But then he found Glitch, and implemented the game on it. It generates a concept for an app (using Tracery) and you have to pitch it. Kind of like a card game I played, The Big Idea

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Diagrammatic indexical signs

Smoke is an index to fire. What of diagrams is as smoke is to fire?

This is a video and I thought I could get the URL but no. I'll try to get it later

It's called "M" and it will be public on Vimeo soon

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Also word vectors.

You give it sets of similar words and it gives you pairs of words like them in meaning, and each pair sounds similar. One side of each pair is like a first set in meaning, the other is like a second

It's called RhymeGhoul

car*truck, Ken*Beth =>

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Skeleton Key, a game based on Borges' Library of Babel

The books are randomized, but not on the letter level--five word chunks from a public domain text mixed up. Different rooms have different patterns from different literary traditions

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Alexe collects words from the audience

Phlegm. What's its opposite? Bile

Unrelated: cat, opposite: dog

Result is a compass rose with these as its axes. Between phlegm and cat is rabbit. Rat is at the center

Word vectors.

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Presenting a bound volume, Last Book Ever...a pop up book. He loves digital media and made this to answer the question, "What don't you want digitized?"

Rives is a paper engineer who made pop up books professionally once

The text is a poem that the book is reading about itself

There's a house of cards

There is a postcard, because those are way more personal than txt msgs

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But first, open projector

Todd's first, as "sacrifice"

"Hitchhiker" is meant to run on 2+ computers talking to each other. One is guide, the other, audience

The guide cues up websites like they're slides and shows them to the audiences. The guide can deface the websites and add sound effects and GIFs and things.

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It is


Jamie Brew (Botnik Studios)
Ana Valens @Ana
Byron Hulcher @hypirlink

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@LogicalDash missing "board," the one true unit of simulated space in video games

Best videogame area?

Can I get a HOWTO on moving this instance to another provider? I don't want to fund TERF shit

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Includes works by @darius, @mewo2, Greg Borenstein, @mikelynch, Ross Goodwin, Stephanie Hyland, and myself

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I’ve made a small web page cataloguing the generative dictionaries - bots and the like - that I’ve been able to find online, along with some sample output and external links. Take a look!

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