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“After Artists” piece inspired by work from Memphis Sanitation Workers’ strike

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“After Jasper Johns” to evoke newspaper print flag painting

“A one line BASIC version of Andy Warhol ain’t easy”

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Next pieces
“After Artists” inspired by 21st century poetry

Commodore 64 is not a kazoo, can have as much expressiveness as piano or guitar

“After Damian Hearst” unpictured

“After Donald Newman” snapshots, really more shown through motion

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1st presenter: Nick Montfort
Telling ppl 2 come closer to see poetry on Commodore 64

1. Based on “Lines of Force”, realize the lines of force of the poem through period “.” and lower case “o”

2. Recursive text generator

See zine at

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Emily calls for another guest
Second guest also autocompletes

- Who’s
- Who’s shoes are taller than the sky
- Who’s gonna clean up after this

Correct answer: Who’s idea was it to have wordhack?

Last question
“Are we better than google?”
“What does it mean to be better, anyway?”

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1st guest on Open Projector: Emily Saltz

“Human Human Autocomplete”

*Bossa Nova Lounge music plays*

Guest from audience starts with a phrase while Emily autocompletes the statement

“What does it take to self actualize”
“What kinda of algorithms do we even want in our lives”
“What time does this thing end”

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Todd talks about the “Sacrificial poet” concept from Slam Poetry scene to absorb the negative energy and plugging the Wordhack anthology for sale

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Todd does normal intros, open projector, 5 years of interaction between tech and language

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@LogicalDash I'd say either Dwarf Fortress or Eve online (but more for the user driven societies)

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The Kickstarter for EXTREME #MEATPUNKS FOREVER: BOUND BY ASH is NOW LIVE! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

* Kill fascists!
* Meet a god!
* Steal the sun!


I think I won't be able to make it to next week

Anyone want to liveblog it in my place?

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