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GPT2: Why did the chicken cross the road? Show more

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Katy considers writing to be a way of thinking. Therefore, when technology changes the way people write, it changes the way we think

The style thesaurus makes Katy think a lot about connotations.

At you can look up words that are characteristic of particular writers or publications

When science publications talk about failure, it means the same as an attempt

Dickens might doubt instead of failing

The Distributional Hypothesis is a linguistic theory that the only meaning that words have comes from the context in which they're used

Word embeddings are vector representations of ways a word was used in a text

Typically these are meant to represent how words are "really" used in "English," but for style, Katy derived them from specific, limited corpuses: what does "naturalist" mean when Charles Darwin writes it, specifically?

Here's Katy Gero

Last summer she intervewed poets and watched them write in the place where they normally wrote. One of them did blackouts, removing words from discarded books to get the most interesting words...then cuts out the best pieces and puts them in a bag...and when she gets blocked she'll pour them out and mix them up

Katy really likes thesauruses. How do we put style in a thesaurus?

Jamie wrote the song that Carmen Sandiego likes and performed it and when the lyrics asked where you learned the dance, the callback was "I don't know"

There's a thing where he messed around with the GPT2 model from OpenAI

There's too much to write it up on my phone, I'll get it later

Here's a new thing where instead of picking words from a menu you have to play notes on a keyboard to steer a pointer to the word you want. Inspired by Dasher, but on the word level and not just letters, so it's called Dancer

He got the word "baby" after like four tries

Jamie performed this song written by the default model of the Google English keyboard

Jamie Brew of Botnik Studios

Botnik is an AI company. It makes machines that write the way humans to. Every word should be a struggle

English is already incredibly frustrating

The rest of the narration didn't make a lot of sense but at one point Jamie referred to JennChat as Botnik's main competitor and Jenn said "you're going down, bro!"

Jenn Schiffer

Get in touch if you find any unfriendly words on Glitch

A friend of hers remixed that into Is Facebook Down, since so many people go on twitter to ask that. You may answer yep, nope, or maybe

In front of the audience she makes a new one where you can report whether the subway is running well: nope, no, or nah

I think you might just have to live with whatever name glitch gives to your app. Well then it better be friendly restricts you to three words: cool, nice, and siiick. If you want to make a platform but don't want to moderate it, this is how you do it

Immediately someone typed "nice" exactly 69 times

Emoji are like words. When glitch autocommits your project, it names that with a couple emoji and those need to be friendly. She removed the knife emoji recently. That's the friendly-emoji package

So they made an npm package, friendly-words

Mostly concerns pairs of words that go well together

But sometimes it goes wrong, like that time when a user with only one arm got a project named free-arm. They removed all body parts after that

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