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@gjtorikian welcome to the Mastodon! Let me know if you need any help. I recommend the federated timeline to find people to follow. Click the globe at the top of the screen

We get to look at robert's next game, about erotic webcam performances. With a deckbuilding mechanic. There's a fake chatroom in the game, which for ease of localization is done entirely in emoji

He'll have to localize the usernames still, but those make no sense to begin with so don't worry? Or he'll replace them with avatars?

Conclusion: don't trust words

And that's

Most people don't localize unless the game proves successful, but you can't really tell if you've hit you're audience when they can't read your game

Yang prioritizes Chinese and Russian

You can use Google Translate but it sucks and a lot of players would prefer to rely on their broken English

You can get fans and friends to do it, but feel guilty for exploiting them

Or pay an agency. You probably need a publisher for that

Roughly 80% of players prefer to play Rinse and Repeat in some language other than English

Yang didn't really think about this until he played Noserudake2. Before that it was like "but I'm just trying to make a random little free thing" but then this random game about throwing crap on a pedestal still had a language switch

And finally Robert Yang, talking about the challenges of localizing his games, about gay culture and intimacy, for other cultures

It takes a while to set up so Todd talks about the architecture options provided by Fortnite

Robert shows a clip from Rinse and Repeat for context...but notice the subtitles! They need to tell you if you are rubbing the dude too fast or too slow

Surveillance capitalism is not a technology, it's a logic that you can legitimately use data to surveil people to sell to them. We don't need to fight the technology, but the logic

This is all sewn together with video clips from Oracle and Google and whatnot with conspiratorial whispering and odd visuals

The next project was for the NYPL, "Privacy in Public"

Bushwick Analytica was a marketing thing run by eleven year olds who mostly wanted to advertise about Fortnite: Battle Royale. Whatever, the point was for them to use Facebook's ad targeting

One kid tried to target a request for a dog to his own parents using geographic targeting

Interviewed Kashmir Hill, responsible for Facebook's "people you may know" algorithm

facebook has a profile of you on their system even if you never made an account, derived from other people uploading their own address books with you in them...because facebook offered to use that to help them find people THEY know

Shoshana Zuboff wrote the book on this stuff

So it's not really Facebook *listening* to you, but predicting what you're going to say

One story about how Instagram learned when a user's period was

Another where it changed from ads for sexy singles to ads for pregnancy tests right after entering a serious relationship

"facebook advertising seemingly knew I was queer before I told anyone"

Here's presenting AD AGENCY

It's about capitalism. By way of targeted ads

Adam Lavigne has a thing called The New Organs. About the things people believe Facebook knows about them though it can't really (yet)

An online archive of experiences under surveillance capitalism. With algorithmic video

Upcoming project: Voice Machines

Needs interviews with asians working in tech

And they're giving a talk at Theorizing the Web

Last poem is titled Snow Poems

It's got animation

Not part of the poem, artist's explanation: the dog on page ten is Looty, who was looted from the Summer Palace and kept by Victoria as a pet

The poem's

Thesis? Do poems have those?

Is that all Mona Lisas are forgeries, including the original

Concerns assembly line copies of the painting made in hand

The Dulwich Picture Gallery deliberately hung a fake painting and invited visitors to identify it. Nobody did

Factoid about how white people can't tell Asians apart but the reverse is not true

The poem has footnotes

Um, just go read it I guess

First featured presenter is Cynthia Hua

Presenting Web Poems

They're not generative, but are meant to be read on their particular websites

First: Thirty-six Copies of the Mona Lisa

These are on Vimeo btw, maybe I can get the links later

How to draw the Metatron's cube and the 5 platonic solids

Now Will Geary

Interested in geometry and visual language. First video: how would you draw a pentagram if all you had were circles and straight lines?

No soundtrack whatsoever, but people laugh when the pentagram breaks free of the circles and spins

"stony lonesome" comes up a lot

"nobody fucks with you and nobody's going to bed right now. I'm not going to bed"

*clinking noises*

There were some citations but I didn't get a clear shot

Here's Emily Saltz with "Nobody's Going to Bed," an audio dialog/poem centering around Shut Up, Little Man! A thing from the 80s derived from the creator's neighbors' drunken ramblings. Mashed up with advice columns from 1452(?) with text to speech

"I am drunker than hell and raining but will continue against the stony roads for your lessons"

"the police came. They told you you're a weakling or if you don't ... an artificial and interesting period"

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