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It turned out that the hoarding instinct that young Jason developed when his mom kidnapped him and he could only bring what he "needed" motivated him to keep all those text files on floppies

When search engines showed up, he typed "bulletin board system" into one and found nothing

So he made

And that's

There are a lot of strange little digressions that I can't capture here, but Bill is recording all of it. I'll get a link later if I can

Anyway there's a real IBM PC and then an acoustic coupler modem and BBSes

And that goes back to the Carter Phone Decision, where phone carriers tried to lock out modem usage of their wires, and failed

But to young Jason it was as if the computer itself had things to say

And now, Jason Scott @textfiles

Founder and curator of

Tells a story about how his otherwise estranged father tried to entertain him during the strictly limited times they were allowed together. At the time, in the 70s, there was a myth that technology made you better, so his father brought home the Commodore PET, with a terrible keyboard but Jason adapted and became fascinated

Bill renders an animation of the Babycastles logo spinning. We watch it draw individual frames for a couple minutes, then watch it at full speed

There aren't really layers or transparency, but you can fake it with a single "swap page" and "Color 0" which makes a color act *like* an alpha channel, but only for the purposes of the tool you are currently using--the color still displays in the image

I think there are 24 colors

Bill demonstrates DeluxePaint, which can be used for pretty sophisticated animations

You have to deal with a single layer of undo history and there aren't any real rulers so you have to count pixels all the time

Bill is also known as The Guru Meditation and is involved in the Westchester Amiga User Group

They're a video producer, and the Amiga was the first home computer that could reasonably be used for video production

Previously you'd have to add titles to your video using a special machine called the Chiron. It only had 5 fonts. The Amiga had Video Toaster that could do way more, 4,096 colors and things in 1985

On further inspection I think I captioned that image wrongly, it's just a file browser

Next up is AmigaBill, who is giving a presentation from a real hardware Commodore Amiga, piped thru a modern laptop for projector purposes

I think this one was some samples of barking dogs, or it resolved to that at the end, but it mostly sounded like colorful noise

Natalie still has time so she does a music performance in SuperCollider that's even worse for my sensory buffers than the one at open projector and I have to leave the room

Now, Natalie Braginsky @natling @natling

Presenting something made with p5.js

Defines a class Point with coordinates and a movement vector

Given 16 of these bouncing around randomly, you can make interesting shapes by using sets of 4 to control Bezier curves

Then you can make the classic Windows 3.1 screensaver by redrawing at a lower opacity

"China, the source of fantasy"

One commenter presumed the bag was produced in China and also thought Sonic was a pokemon. Because we can't talk about things without talking about people

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