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What videogame mod has the least to do with the game it is a mod of?

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In Fallout 2, leaving the initial village, go south to San Francisco, steal money from the merchant to buy them timed charges that you will place on them so that you can grab the power armor from the unattended wares once they blew up.

What was the best Ludum Dare theme that did not get used?

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@LogicalDash Log on to survival Minecraft server and run/minecart around being a virtual tourist while chatting with other people on the server.

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@LogicalDash Open World Game but instead of doing anything just wandering around the game world

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Looks like the rest of will not happen, because of the traffic jam currently engulfing the entire east coast


The bear stopped talking in 2014, sorry

Question: are you going to do anything with the interview of the audio recordings? Well, they still have them, but the only thing presently in a museum (the Strong Museum of Play) is edited transcripts with off-the-record stuff taken out

Laine asks for questions about Sierra, smartass asks when Space Quest 7 is coming out

It was fraught because the fire season was getting longer and some subjects were evacuated from their homes at time of interview

Cleon Jones of Ponderosa Printing did the covers and manuals for Sierra On-Line. They're still in business, and still has a lot of the plates. Gave Nooney the first run of each box

Sierra On-Line was in Oakhurst and employed a lot of secretaries and forklift operators and the like. They're still there, and Nooney talked to them

The town still thinks of itself as a major gold rush town. It's got a heritage festival about it. Nooney put up a booth there about Sierra On-Line, right next to the blacksmiths and gold panniers

Their oral research prioritized less visible labor and women, and tried to understand their whole life story

First featured presenter, Laine Nooney

They do history of videogames, currently working on a book about Sierra On-Line

Aug 1982: Steven Levy found a fiberglass grizzly bear in Oakhurst that told you stock prices when you pressed a button. This formed the end of his book Hackers

The bear's still there, but now it recites The Night Before Christmas

Nooney's work is about actually going places and finding weird shit like that, rather than just library research

And the final open projector, Sophie Searcy

Making Faces

A generative adversarial network, with convolutional something, that generates images of faces

Turns a vector like "has bangs, is old, has makeup" and turns it into a picture

It's like a classifier run in reverse. Learns the "distribution" of the training data, the world of faces

Take a vector of man w. Glasses, subtract man w/o glasses, add woman w/o glasses, you get woman w/ glasses

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