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April Soderman

A project at the School for Poetic Computation last year. The Museum of Almost Realities, objects that hold memories or the ghosts of possible futures.

"This is the license plate of the car that didn't hit you"

"This is the coffee cup you were holding when you chose to value stability over freedom"

Cede, a "combat farming" game. Dead enemies drop seeds you can shoot, and those result in growth wherever you shoot them, which is your actual objective

Mattie Brice is here to interview Spindley

First question: what of bad games makes more of an impression

Spindley says it's important that you can imagine yourself making the game you are playing

And there's more range when there's no pressure to live up to anything

Takes more risks, so more ideas you don't normally see

Fernando Ramallo next

Makes videogames, creativity toys, "playful media"

One of the people behind Panoramical

@LogicalDash Maddy made a twitter bot: "Asking for a friend"

One of the questions she often gets for her job is, what is data?

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