Bonus performer Darren Solomon

Performing an improvised tune for the Weird Algorithm to find words to.

And that is

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Actually three times, again after the Kickstarter

And tonight, a new edition of Up Down Left Right

It looks more cellular now and there's a lil' block navigating the maze as it's revealed

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Tim Szetela

Made the board game Rewordable with Allison Parrish (I was a playtester!)

2 projects
5 s

Up Down Left Right takes texts, like Alice in Wonderland, and draws maps using the direction words. This was at the June 15 2015

Then in 2016 sometime, presented Rewordable (actually twice, once 2015 I think)

There's a cool animation of how the composition of the deck changed over time

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Compasses is about things in sets of four, such as the cardinal directions, and interpolating to get the "missing" elements

Times of day:


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I guess fernando goes next

A love letter from an AI to itself. Close your eyes and let the romance wash over you

Dear word hag,
[sax, piano]
It's your birthday
And to me it
Seems like yesterday
That we met on that beautiful night
And ever since
Every third thursday
I come see you
And you've grown so much
You susprise me every time
Make me say things like
So cool
No way
Shut up
I don't get it

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First open projector

Using Python to handle phonetics
For found poems & puns

Eliot Linton

Traditional computer technique to search for puns used substrings, this one uses phonetic vectors

I'll transcribe later

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We still start with open projector but, for this particular , every presenter gets a block of five minutes

Because it's the 5th anniversary and stuff

I bought an anthology!

These files will go online soonish

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John Dewey

Art as Experience, 1984

It's our job to use code to express more than just literal utility.

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You can make code that's cool to look at, like in the Obfuscated C Contest, but Bo wanted a tool that would transform arbitrary code into a meaningful visualization

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Is code a medium? Bo's always believed so, but grew doubtful when challenged by an experienced artist. Sure there are lots of libraries and stuff for art, but it's not like poetry where you expect that there'll be meter and rhyme and stuff. It just kinda has to run, and code style is just for readability. Not relevant to anyone who doesn't read the code, which is most users

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First featured presenter: Theodora Walsh

A performance with typing. First pic was there before it really started

She flew across the country when Prince died. She didn't think it would be sad because her grandmother had been planning to die for a long time, and had already held a wake

She thought her brother was dead, because grandmother said "all my family was dead," but he wasn't

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Blake presents a video of Thanos smoking a joint. Then plays it again by popular demand

Rupert's Frogworld is an upcoming installation at Babycastles that Blake is involved with. Has to do with marshland I guess?

I figured out the rainbow banding thing on my camera and captured the poem there.

Babycastles will be turned into a swamp. There will be a fly in constant danger. There will still be games somehow

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Here's some intermediate input that the computer thinks looks kind of like limericks.

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Next open projector: Eric, I think?

Presenting: Rhymeschemer

Found poems
(Never worn)

Finds series of tweets that fit meter.

On campus, trump fans say they need safe spaces

Some six or seven who did hide their faces.

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