🌍 Claire Donato
🌎 Bomani McClendon
🌍 Theadora Walsh

First, Todd. For open projector.

Showing a Chrome extension called Hitchhiker.

You can go to some random website and tamper with the text, like in the developer tools. Streamlined. And you can draw all over the screen and stuff

There is also a chat. People can see each other's edits! It's for live, remote performance. There can be a guide who can drive your browser for a bit. Might be some game mechanics in there later

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Todd's email is toddwords@gmail.com if you want to contribute to Hitchhiker development or content

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Next open projector: Eric, I think?

Presenting: Rhymeschemer

Found poems
(Never worn)

Finds series of tweets that fit meter.

On campus, trump fans say they need safe spaces

Some six or seven who did hide their faces.

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Here's some intermediate input that the computer thinks looks kind of like limericks.

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There are some dril limericks I can't capture because they go by too fast, maybe I should just video all

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Email rhymeghoul@gmail.com if you have ideas for how to, eg. Use neural networks to detect likely next lines.

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Next is Nick Montfort @nickmofo

Three concrete poems for the commodore 64 (emulated)

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Blake presents a video of Thanos smoking a joint. Then plays it again by popular demand

Rupert's Frogworld is an upcoming installation at Babycastles that Blake is involved with. Has to do with marshland I guess?

I figured out the rainbow banding thing on my camera and captured the poem there.

Babycastles will be turned into a swamp. There will be a fly in constant danger. There will still be games somehow

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There's gonna be a town hall on...time...where they look for help to do the show

5pm of the 27th

And join -frog-world on the babycastles discord

p.s. thecatamites is involved

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First featured presenter: Theodora Walsh

A performance with typing. First pic was there before it really started

She flew across the country when Prince died. She didn't think it would be sad because her grandmother had been planning to die for a long time, and had already held a wake

She thought her brother was dead, because grandmother said "all my family was dead," but he wasn't

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I guess I'm having trouble following all this, it really demanded end to end video, but a key phrase was, "I guess it's better to suffer under history than to be ok with history"

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She switches to spoken word (words prewritten) part way through but there are parts of the text that she skips over

I tried to video but it felt futile. And my arm shook. Thematic?

Her grandmother's paintings disgusted her

The piece is a big story tying together years of dissociated trauma

Best I could do.

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Code As An Artistic Medium
Bomani Oseni McClendon

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Is code a medium? Bo's always believed so, but grew doubtful when challenged by an experienced artist. Sure there are lots of libraries and stuff for art, but it's not like poetry where you expect that there'll be meter and rhyme and stuff. It just kinda has to run, and code style is just for readability. Not relevant to anyone who doesn't read the code, which is most users

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You can make code that's cool to look at, like in the Obfuscated C Contest, but Bo wanted a tool that would transform arbitrary code into a meaningful visualization

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Why not just look at the hex values of the characters and visualize that stuff? Bo made an Atom plugin to do this

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I have a video, will upload later. Right now the plugin is kind of like a WinAmp visualization, based purely on the distribution of letters. It has changed Bo's relationship to the code but they also wants to color things differently according to the abstract syntax tree. Would love collaborators.

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John Dewey

Art as Experience, 1984

It's our job to use code to express more than just literal utility.

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Claire deNado's piece is substantially a text conversation about the video we're not viewing, and her old act Special America.

It sort of sounds like a nostalgic account of a breakup

"We're becoming death," he said, "but that's ok," he said, "we're at our most natural when we're dying

On screen is the Vimeo password entry screen to unlock a private video

Concerns "the freeze," the feeling of feeling unable to speak.

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"Until I watched the interview footage, I could not remember what I said. I only remembered I was being filmed."

There was a weird awkward fantasy she was in love with a check out counter guy

The video (which is locked) is of Claire crying after a failed interview. She hadn't watched it until last week. Re listening and transcribing the tape is therapeutic. She hopes Jave will release the password after she dies

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We get a video, maybe not the locked one, with no sound, of Claire and Jave talking and laughing until she cries and he grows concerned. Art for Special America goes by on a screen in the background and she seems to get over the crying fit oddly quickly until it comes back

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That's the show. I'll transcribe other stuff as the opportunity presents

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