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An assignment for the School for Poetic Computation where they had to transform a corpus into a poem. So they used the 5yrs of txt msgs on their computer and made a search engine. Only didn't want to violate privacy so each result gets displayed for a single frame. But you can search for things there! And not really understand what you found

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Michael extracts meter and rhyme from texts like the script to Pokemon Red to find poetry in arbitrary places. Originally meant for limericks which turned out to be really hard but check out these from dril

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It turns out wine reviews are a good corpus for this because they're a couple sentences that are similar

And then did it with GPT-2 and deleted the parts that weren't limericks

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Last is Ava

Whose video is a crackling fireplace

Just reading us crap from their notes app she forgot

A shopping list

Christie's amazon password

Mangosteen extic.

We stay together because of plums, washing off after, checking in store

Newton and the eggs

Ava and the redheads (assemble redheads)

Song name: I'M SCARED OF SEX

Living an enlightened life is exactly like falling in love...I don't kno what it means

A list of names with unchecked checkboxes next to them

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Featured presenter Kara Bressler

Creating an algorithm to find letters in satellite imagery and make fonts from them. Results attached, I can't read them so well myself

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Relates to the graphic design exercise of cutting a shape in paper and using it to frame your view of the world

The algorithm does this. It thinks the red boxes have letters in them

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There were examples of similar stuff from graffiti from her campus

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All her Instagram posts used to make up the image of an endangered river

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Those letters are taken from maps of Austin and Cornwall, Vermont

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Anyway here's Julian Jarboe, "Do androids log on and yell about electric sheeple?"

Julian's not a scientist who happens to work with a lot of AI people

The biggest supporters of legal personhood for AIs will be megacorps because it lets them evade liability

People who want you to know they work in AI are douchebags

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Julian worked on Amazon Echo prerelease and it said some shit interns probably weren't supposed to hear. made this poem about it. Maybe I'll upload later

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Julian likes Star Trek and wrote a poem about that one episode of TNG where Data makes babby. "The Android That Designed Itself"

"give me one of every skin that has ever been called excessive"

Three part poem. Each part for different audience. "this part's for the grad students in the room"

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If there are aliens and we meet them, first contact will probs be one robot meeting another. And the way NASA rovers are personified on twitter deserves literature awards.

So final poem "First Contact, Communion" about a long distance relationship with the mars rover. And god and stuff

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"Do you find solace inside a dust storm?"

"I don't want to feel better; I want to know better"

"is it your heart, that planet? Do you love me? I owe you an answer"

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Here's Seth Alter, recently released card game Hexadecimate where you play milennial witches defending against alt rightists

"How to procedurally generate the Talmud"
It's for an upcoming project that has a book that looks and feels Talmudic.

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Brief overview of what the Talmud is. Eh, look it up

The important thing is that you normally study by reading the most recent commentary and drilling down. That means Talmudic law has more to do with the actual practice of Judaism than the original Torah

But never mind, the really important thing is that Talmuds have particular typesetting requirements

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So how do you make that in LaTeX?

(Seth pronounces it "la-tech")

Each page took 40 mins "by hand" and couldn't really be revised

So made talmudify.py, which generates LaTeX, which generates something that looks like Talmud

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There are always 4 rows

The left and right surround the middle

They continue until the shortest ends

Continue 1 more row

Square off the columns

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4 columns, not rows, sorry

It can't handle page overflow

It works on a Markdown file that already has 3 columns

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LaTeX can't tell ahead of time how many rows you'll need for some text

So they brute forced it

5 minutes per page

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But they're pretty sure LaTeX can do whatever the Vilna Shas typesetters did, because LaTeX emulates physical typesetting

Unfortunately actual Rabbis don't know quite how this was done.

Better understanding of the Rabbinnical tradition wil yield better proc-gen

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And finally Ivan Anderson, writer and comedian who made Email Pro, a free service you sign up for where Ivan sends you email.

Parody of newsletters made in 2016 when they were a copy editor. Got sick of "that's not how a semicolon works" but could not stop. When it became unbearable, sent an antagonistic email to their friend Chris

Subject: what are you doing to stop childhood obesity?

Text: not enough.

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A bit like dril I guess

With cyberbullying.

Recent subject: remembering st patricks day


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@OCRbot for a year, carol replied to every emailpro with :)

But then unsubscribed.

Because she didn't understand any of it

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Ivan does a live show at the Tank theater in midtown where they write emails live to addresees that are supplied by the audience

Next is May 21, 7pm

Sometimes people write back

While he's on stage

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So ivan responded with "best of luck" and a link to ivan's paypal.

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To keep up the inspiration he still sends private texts to Chris, mostly involving absinthe

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Official brand partnerships: the Email Dictation extension for Google Chrome. Not a joke


Enroll emailpro.email

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no subject (but a reply to Ivan's stage act) 

My good friend Ivan,

My son was invited to an email party at Unlimited Ports (USB) in the summer.

My son was exposed to a variety of ports, but mainly USB, he loved the pizza, and had fun with all his keyboards -- almost too much. As summer came to an end, we realized that Unlimited Ports (USB) had stolen his soul and when the camp ended, he would die.

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no subject (but a reply to Ivan's stage act) 

Unlimited Ports (USB) is a 13,000 sq. ft. indoor air-conditioned barren land where our motto is "All Ports (USB), All Day. - Now Lets get Clicking"

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OCR Output 

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