Best videogame shovel, or other digging implement?

@LogicalDash link's awakening, where the shovel cost a whopping 200 rupees... or you could steaal it and get permanently branded a thief! i dont even remember if it was used for anything but i have very fond memories of it

The Whole Point Of The Game: Shovel Knight
Funny Shovel: Team Fortress 2
Edgy Shovel: Postal 2

@LogicalDash Definitely Animal Crossing, where I use it solely to hit random rocks I wander near until one of them gives me money

@LogicalDash How about worst shovel? In LttP Randomizer the shovel is basically only good for getting a different item. Will that other item be the Silver Arrows or just a rupee? Who knows but the shovel is basically superfluous

@LogicalDash the shovel knight shovel seems like the obvious choice 🤔

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