But first, open projector

First presenter is Robin Hill @inthescales

showing her project, Lyre's Dictionary @lyresdictionary@twitter.com

It glues word roots together and makes up definitions for them, basically just by madlibbing the meanings of the roots together

laterivore (n) one who eats sides

Main data source is etymonline.com


Next, Natalie presenting a generative short film Undesired. Made of footage from subway trains



Next is Matthew R.F. Balousek reading 12 Sexts

Sext: inclement weather is very proud
Sext: I am eaten by an industrial shredder

Generally resembles @wikisext but it's a zine.



Now, Andrew Bader and Todd Anderson

Presenting a blog about wordhacky things, codearts.tumblr.com

You can submit your own project there! codearts.tumblr.com/submit

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