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MILTON LÄUFER ( --- author of 'A Noise Such as Man Might Make'
LI ZILLES ( --- author of 'Machine Unlearning' @thricedotted
RANJIT BHATNAGAR ( --- author of 'Encomials: Sonnets from Pentametron'
NICK MONTFORT ( @nickmofo

Open projector #1: Josh H

It tells you what it's doing. nm, just preparing a shower for a nonhousehold child etc.

Corpus is the American time use survey activity lexicon

Josh was fascinated by the idea of codifying everything a person can do


Open projector #2

Matthew Balousek

Response to Matt O'leary's Final Fantasy 7 GameFAQs poems. This one mixes in some queer slashfic. The "Daniel" voice synth reads this out

And this other one is from the ASCII art that shows up in every GameFAQ. "Alex" voice synth reads this one by saying the name of each individual character with varying intonation. "Kate" does the same but ignores the underscores

Here's Nick Montfort @nickmofo reading from The Truelist

This is gonna get a video elsewhere, I'll see if I can turn up a link

It is in fact a list of epic imagery

The heartweed welcoming the sac
The night line and the earwing

The life-board and the skybook

The river stone, dreaming

It's a 140 page text generated by a 1 page Python script with no imports, completely deterministic. Generates kennings or conceptual blends

This is the first book in the Using Electricity series

Nick reads from another one, Hard West Turn It's about American gun violence. Sounds very much like you blended every futile news report on mass shootings into one

"The man dreamed at night sometimes, and a sliver cut his consciousness by morning"

"Some fellow students thought of him as a loner. However,"

Milton Laufer

A Noise Such As A Man Might Make

It is two famous American novels mashed together with a well known algorithm

The selected text seems to have a lot to do with fishing, murder, and moving house

Ranjit Bhatnagar

Creator of

The book, Encomials, is pentametron like tweets, but the different sections of the book each have extra rules. Sometimes they rhyme with each other

The chapter Southlander sounds more aggro

Another day, another Google doc.
Some people's eyebrows really bother me

Li Zillis @thricedotted

Made @wikisext

Machine, Unlearning is their new book

It is a lot of questions about text. Searches a conceptual space for clusters of relationships...not sure I understood this

"Is a shortcoming of text a shortcoming of totality?"

"Should feelings in text be like pixels in photography?"

"Are light and mists both rising?"

"Can blood be sweetened like milk?"

"Should blood hatch in the way that eggs hatch?"

Each poem has a core concept that all the questions are about

For Spirit, we have

"are spirit and charisma both manifestating?

"when something increases in spirit, does it increase in intellect?"

"is emotional spirit the same as an emotional streesor?"


"Why are revolutions and assimilations both abrupt?"

"Is computational revolution the same as computational reconstruction?"

"When someone practices revolution, do they practice alchemy?"

"Should revolution be wondrous in the way that joy is wondrous?"

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