Open projector first

Andrew Bader and Ross Goodwin put this bot together last week. Moving to LA next week. (boo) it's called @DeadEndings on Twitter. It posts the last lines from books on headstones. It doesn't tell you the title, to avoid spoilers.

Ross very dramatically reads "Now will you let me out of this jacket so I can smoke a cigarette?" Imagines it's the person in the grave saying that

April Soderman

A project at the School for Poetic Computation last year. The Museum of Almost Realities, objects that hold memories or the ghosts of possible futures.

"This is the license plate of the car that didn't hit you"

"This is the coffee cup you were holding when you chose to value stability over freedom"

That's the end of open projector

Christopher Clary

Grabbed some videos from cam4, a site where people masturbate on camera

But he just grabs the dialog that happens during these, reads half himself, assigns the other half to text-to-speech on his laptop

All done next to a still of, presumably, the other party (all appear male)

The TTS doesn't understand that MMMMMM is continuous, it says ememememem

Claire DeNado

It's like a meditation session while we're looking at meditation products on Amazon

It's guided visualizations and it seems overdone to me, there's a golden staircase to a garden with really specific flowers. You have a feeling of complete tranquility

Eventually you come upon a twin "flame" that's you and you want to listen to them. The products on amazon specify that they are twin flame type meditation

Anastasis Germando needs two volunteers to simulate a romantic relationship by reading dialog from two phones. The idea is that eventually there'll be a performance of this where people go through an entire relationship and a breakup and the computer writes all of it

"I invite you to my birthday party and instruct you to lie about how we met"

I'll post a bit of video later


Here is video of the first minute or so of Anastasis' piece, performed by volunteers who didn't announce their names

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