Open projector first

Andrew Bader and Ross Goodwin put this bot together last week. Moving to LA next week. (boo) it's called @DeadEndings on Twitter. It posts the last lines from books on headstones. It doesn't tell you the title, to avoid spoilers.

Ross very dramatically reads "Now will you let me out of this jacket so I can smoke a cigarette?" Imagines it's the person in the grave saying that

April Soderman

A project at the School for Poetic Computation last year. The Museum of Almost Realities, objects that hold memories or the ghosts of possible futures.

"This is the license plate of the car that didn't hit you"

"This is the coffee cup you were holding when you chose to value stability over freedom"


You can leave objects with meaning in the museum (or money) and then a prophecy as you go

The play area is like a children's play area for adults. Has an activity similar to "what do you want to be when you grow up" only you're grown up so you're evaluating the promises you made yourself as a child

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