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@LogicalDash the original dark souls pc port with its locked internal 1024x720 render rez

You are playing a Shin Megami Tensei game.

You encounter Gritty.

What bargain do you strike to get Gritty to join your party?

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@LogicalDash The Warcraft 2 orc peon, the quintessential peon in my eyes.
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@LogicalDash hate to say it but Journey is probably the only video game where anyone’s been polite to me

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Best videogame nook?

(not the Animal Crossing character)

(I am talking about places to, like, perch in)

Bonus performer Darren Solomon

Performing an improvised tune for the Weird Algorithm to find words to.

And that is

Total Eclipse of the Heart with lyrics from "romance: medical"

Too fast for me to transcribe

The algorithm does not involve neural nets. It's just running a search engine for number of syllables and then scoring the results by matching vowels and the like


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