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@LogicalDash The Warcraft 2 orc peon, the quintessential peon in my eyes.
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@LogicalDash hate to say it but Journey is probably the only video game where anyone’s been polite to me

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Best videogame nook?

(not the Animal Crossing character)

(I am talking about places to, like, perch in)

Bonus performer Darren Solomon

Performing an improvised tune for the Weird Algorithm to find words to.

And that is

Total Eclipse of the Heart with lyrics from "romance: medical"

Too fast for me to transcribe

The algorithm does not involve neural nets. It's just running a search engine for number of syllables and then scoring the results by matching vowels and the like


This was inspired by a story on the composition of the song Yesterday, which until the last minute had totally inane lyrics

What if all songs are like that?

This is a demo of a technology that gives you lyrics with the correct phonetics for a song: The Weird Algorithm

Let's sing some X Files lines set to the tune of I Want It That Way


There's going to be a premium version!

It will have color and more scenes. Extra aftercare.


Next up is Ana Valens @Ana presenting Blood Pact

Made in 6 months in Twine. No branches

You're a librarian named Alexa, trans girl went through a break up, gets coerced into accidentally summoning a demon, but everything works out

Art by Callie G @chuuurls also on twitter

Despite no branches, still has a save feature, like bookmarks.

byron sings the praises of manual content curation

App. Online Learning... For Zookeepers

it was going to generate the slides too, but they weren't funny

But there's neil cicierega's @GoodSlides which gets suitably odd slides to be randomly paired with concepts

But there were some that weren't really suitable for Manhattan JS and they wanted to present it there. And anyway, it's less funny when it's obvs rude... so they made an admin interface for rating SlideShare gems

Byron Hulcher @hypirlink

Started going to Manhattan JS and they do Battle Decks aka Powerpoint Karaoke. You get a random assortment of slides and random people from the audience give presentations on it. They never picked Byron.

But then he found Glitch, and implemented the game on it. It generates a concept for an app (using Tracery) and you have to pitch it. Kind of like a card game I played, The Big Idea


Diagrammatic indexical signs

Smoke is an index to fire. What of diagrams is as smoke is to fire?

This is a video and I thought I could get the URL but no. I'll try to get it later

It's called "M" and it will be public on Vimeo soon

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