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Last one is a song mashed up from Amazon reviews of this one workout DVD series

James tried to recreate it in the Botnik interface in real time but didn't manage it

And that's

Check out botnik


Ask for a slack invite


Another one with romantic date ideas

"Learn how to live as another person. A music person...if you get caught, hide inside an instrument until everyone goes home"

The Program is a universal adapter for all data

Similar to Voicebox but with Malcolm Gladwell and behavioral economics

"The average american story is that everything depends on the way they do it"

"In behavioral economics the brain is a little kid and the world is a series of armed guards"

I probably should have recorded audio, this delivery is killer

"The bees have access to good nutrition, though their fragrance and the computer can actually deform the world" - TED Talk

Last up is James Brew, CEO of Botnik, which uses technology to optimize various things, presenting a neural net trained on Pitchfork magazine to generate a Coachella poster

But actually the main thing is the predictive text interface that always exactly predicts what they're going to say. No longer limited to the phone, it's Voicebox!

Demonstrating it applied to all TED talks about computers.

You can combine different sources. Mix in talks about apes, bees

"There is one seller in the last six month selling: Help"

It turns into a post apocalypse kind of thing, or it was all along

Booking a rideshare on a delivery drone to escape the fulfillment center

The Sustainable Family entraps the narrator and makes her work off her debt from opening a bag in the store

So she has to fill out an employment app on the phone

In the store

I dunno lol

Then she gets her health info from the same phone tree, I guess this is a company town, or possibly everyone is robots

Alexis Wright is next

Todd describes her piece, "Options Have Changed," as a "live radio thing"

She wrote it based on how much she hated interaction with automatic voice menus

She's trying to order groceries from a phone tree with crappy voice recognition

It busy signals a lot and is very eager to tell her about guarantees and stuff

Audience member brings up an artist Mitchell Rose who did something similar to SacredWare involving Seinfeld

Rachel's website is rhaberstroh.com and they're at @n1_abba_fan@twitter.com @SacredWare@twitter.com rachel.r.haberstroh@gmail.com

Audience member brings up an artist Mitchell Rose who did something similar involving Seinfeld

Rachel then got fascinated with cell phone ads and made a couple of "exercise videos" incorporating cell phones that are really talking about how we already move our phones around, and move ourselves around them

Called "SacredWare"

The narrator mimics yoga mindfulness stuff in a deadpan kinda way

Next of Rachel's projects is an archiving tool that turned volunteers' Facebook posts in the week following the 2016 election into a PDF, and thence, a zine

It involved reaching out to people Rachel barely knew but was still Facebook friends with ever since age 14. And meeting in person with many of them

Making social media into something to study and consider

Facebook was...uncooperative. The tool broke a lot, got action-blocked for no reason

First featured presenter: Rachel Haberstroh

Responding to Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. Seeking ways to resist even as we adopt the technologies

A bot: @infinitewishing@twitter.com retweets people saying "I wish," framing the sentiment as an actual desire whether or not it's intended that way

Unsatisfied with the feed, made it into a physical "wishing well" with a receipt printer that lets the wishes pile up on the floor and disintegrate

Last up is Andrew G

Presenting a videogame "Cells to Singularity"

It is one gigantic tech tree. Tap on the Earth to generate extropy to make the universe self organize (and get colder?)

It's an incremental game. The unlockables have names like "the moon" and "amino acids" and "DNA"... eventually the life forms generate power for you. Might learn a bit

The soundtrack includes the Blue Danube ofc

Decide the fate of humanity cellstosingularity.com

Next up is Blake

Doing a speedrun of uhhh


"Dinosaur Party"

Short surreal microgames with no challenge

I think Blake's screen is broken because they keep the browser window in the top third of it

The meaning encoding sounds similar to a Markov probability model. It's called word2vec according to someone in the crowd in front of me

Showing off project for NaNoGenMo 2017, "The Average Novel"

Grabbed a bunch of Project Gutenberg text and blurred them together

There's a way of vectorizing words into numbers, coded by their meaning. So @aparrish averaged all those

It's really very repetitive

"and and and and and and and and the the the hill like and and and"

@aparrish is actually reading this aloud to us

"Hafnium ace high the epilogue" and that is the novel

Basically browse on twitter to see this stuff

I think I missed open projector but I'm still at

First thing I see is a Doodle Studio 95 demo, w. Gameplay