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and the crawlers find it and he has a religious experience

every single bone is being indexed, optimized, and sufficiently quantized so as to put him in deep spiritual resonance

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he just launched this to the internet.

and plays it out with a song. yamaha presets and improvised lyrics. "waiting for my upload. i think i hit the motherlode. how's this affect my ranking? i'm thinking it could be anything"

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How can energy reach your spirit if you are not awake?

Six 20-minute naps a day, evenly spaced throughout the day.


Normalize walking hand in hand down the street. Hug each other every day.


Be ready to pivot on a dime, reevaluate what your spiritual value proposition is, realign your keywords

Buy as many internet connected devices as possible and if you can't put them on the internet just plug a coaxial cable in anywhere

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recommends consulting with a dietician

alternatively: what's your favorite food? pizza? Don't eat anything but pizza. You want strong consistent content with a consistent message.

we also recommend examining your urine and your feces to make sure everything is consistent. nicely structured and organized

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Semantic structure

You must keep your body well organized in shape, properly structured so that when the Great Crawler comes across you and inhabits every aspect of your being, you are easily understood, inside and out.

What is the of your body? What do you put into it?

What comes out of it?

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Selective crawling

Some pages on a website may not contain enough information, or not the right kind of information, to reflect what we want into the world.

There may be aspects of your life that you wish not to reflect out into the world and that's fine! ... but practice discretion ... make sure to put your best face forward, every day, in every way.

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we must optimize the value of our souls on the spiritual marketplace.

optimize the flow of web traffic into our souls.

pick some keywords. 7 things that express your truest self. your priorities, concerns, and what you wish to present to the world about yourself

think on it daily

these things may change over time. That's fine! As long as we keep them in our head at all times

Ruminate on them daily.

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BUT, in 1969, ARPAnet came online and we experienced the beginning of the formation of a CRUCIBLE ... wrong slide ... called the INTERNET, the crucible into which Aten is reborn [sun sigil with Google logo in it]

In a way, a webpage is much like a person. It has a head and a body


url + irl = yrl

your radiant life.

so how do we apply the principles of search engine optimization to our lives, so that we may be indexed by the Great Crawler

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Last act: the Rev. Alan Worm of the Church of Radiant Living

sings a song about the alignment of the head and the body. when they are aligned we begin to glow

"I'm here to talk to you about search engine optimization, folks."

Aten was a sun god in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh Akhenaten felt the love radiating from Aten and converted the country to worship the cult of Aten. But the people were not ready and kicked him out

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course->pudding didn't look so good, so they edit it to


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One of constraints on Word Bridge is the synonym level: how many synonyms it will look through for each word. They're ordered by something like similarity, so using a lower one will get you longer paths that make more sense

They take requests for some paths from the audience.


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Two blue squares side by side look like a long rectangle because there's no definition between them. But change the color a little and they start to look like two things because there's more definition. WordBridge shows the whole spectrum of slippage between definitions

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Owen uses this as a generator for absurdist storylines for their animation work.

It has proper nouns in it for some reason, including the creators' names

Joel gives a presentation giving a visual metaphor for what WordBridge does.

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Next up, Owen Roberts and Joel Stillman

Presenting Word Bridge (not live yet...)
"Create connections between words."

It traverses WordNet to find a way to get from one word to another via synonyms. You can get the definition for any word in the path.

It doesn't necessarily find the shortest path. It goes for a length of around ten the first time, then randomizes the length. And you can change words within the path and it'll complete the rest

Robin Sloan trained autocomplete on old scifi so he could write with it

Botnik Studios

Saltz had some other directions for how to be creative with completion but tusky crashed when I tried to take a photo of that slide. Sorry!


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Think of how searching for info on vaccines gets you propaganda against them, see Algorithms of Oppression by Sofia Noble

And there's an uncanny valley. John Seabrook found that sometimes, the machine wrote more conscientiously than he did

Predictive text memes say things about their author, but it's hard to learn anything terrifying about yourself because of blacklists, says Gretchen McCullough

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The mechanisms are quite different for computers though

*When* do we complete each other? We minimize gaps and overlaps, wait for "um", "uh"

computers seem more aggressive. She's identified eight design patterns for it that went by too fast

How do completions affect us? If they're right, you might not even notice it. If they're wrong, it's like someone's putting words in your mouth

And they put new ideas in our heads

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We correct each other

We clarify and correct

We help each other remember... ever entered part of a title into google?

If you know what someone means, you might answer a question before you're done asking, like google used to preemptively show results

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How do these reasons compare to the way computers autocomplete?

Might be to make money, like google's search directing you to sponsored possibilities, but maybe just for kicks

We have more context to work with in speech, and extra phonetic info

And your mind is in sympathy with who you're listening to, including eg. your motor system

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